Thursday, February 16, 2006

Silver jewellery

the silverstalls plymouth shop Silver Jewellery

If you are lost for gift ideas this xmas then why not try silver jewellery. Its relatively inexpensive and its a gift with enduring quality, that could last a lifetime.

So if you are feeling a little bit down then why not indulge in a bit of retail therapy. I trundled down to my nearby jewelry store in Plymouth, Devon namely
the silverstall where to my delight I found a range of silver jewellery that brought a smile to my face.

For a few pounds you can acquire a treasured keep-sake or a long term gift for a loved one. It seems strange that so many girlfriends of mine will quite happily spend over a days wages on drinks in one night and then moan about spending less than a fiver on a silver locket that will last a lifetime.

The silverstall focuses on silver jewellery however if you seek amber jewellery then you really must browse the range of amber jewellery at the amberstall. The beauty of amber is aside from its natural colours, no one peice of amber is the same as another so what you are buying is a geniune unique peice of jewellery.

amber on silver bangle

This charming silver amber bangle can be bought online from the silverstall's site at a fraction of the price sold elsewhere.